Brian J Morrison
Born Belfast
Based in Birmingham

I create works which tread a line between painting, sculpture and performance thatconsider the role of the gendered body in relation to the production and consumptionof art. I aim to conflate materials and processes to produce objects which maintain a sense of contradiction: unsettling, but somewhat seductive, fixed but in motion, inanimate but slowing dying, virile and impotent. Traces of the physicality of the body (my body) are present via unseen performative actions. These actions utilise repetitive singular forms of movement, commonly associated with the physical and cosmetic transformation of the body.

Informed by historic and contemporary feminist theory my research seeks to scrutinise tropes of embodied masculinity. I aim to challenge these contemporary definitions and ask, how can art objects offer alternative relationships to the gendered body.

Aesthetically, I reference the 1960s Minimalist sculpture movement and the reactive process driven art that followed, where ideas of gendered art objectsand polarised attitudes are prevalent.

Member of  Studio Capri

brianjmorrison(at)icloud dot com

CV 2017